The New iZone 425 Nexus Controller Has Arrived!

Any home can be a smart home, it doesn’t matter whether you’re building a new home or renovating an established home. At Cableair we can show you how iZone will instantly make your home more liveable.

With the arrival of our new iZone 425 Nexus Touch screen you can control the air conditioner, dim the lights, water the garden, boil the kettle or close the garage door.

The iZone 425 Nexus Touch Screen Controller is a stylish, custom designed home automation controller not a cheap tablet. With a built-in temperature sensor for zone or AC unit control, a 7" screen with the ability to display the Air Conditioning, Lighting, Garage Door and Reticulation all on the home screen, the iZone 425 is also available in 4 colours (White, Silver, Black, Gold).

Touchscreen Nexus iZone.png