Air Conditioning

How much is your old air conditioner costing you?

Climate control for homes in Perth with it’s harsh summers can be quite costly for homeowners especially if you are cooling your home with an old air conditioner that may not perform as well as it once did, not to mention the expense of keeping an old system going.

Keeping your home cool in summer can count for up to 40% of your energy consumption which is a big household expense but advances in air conditioning technology have greatly improved energy efficiency.

Not only will a new Daikin or Panasonic Air Conditioner reduce your energy usage by 30-45% but you will have improved cooling &/or heating, reduced repair costs and the new units are not as noisy as their predecessors.  

Is it time for you to upgrade that old unit? Cableair will choose the perfect air conditioner for your needs. Call us now and talk to one of our consultants and see how easy it is to upgrade to better more efficient air conditioner for your home.


Cableair's Giveaway

Your choice of $600 worth of selected iZone Home Automation products with the purchase of any fully ducted air-conditioning system inclusive of the iZone Nexus 435 or iZone Nano 425 Controller from Cableair.

Conditions apply, please call Cableair for more information 08 6142 2056



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iZone Naked has arrived at Cableair!

iZone Naked allows systems to be operated without a screen on the wall. What does this mean for you-

  • Lower cost due to no touchscreen or cable down the wall

  • Cheaper installation costs

  • Includes 5% airflow adjustment on all zones

  • Comes standard with 8 zones which can be expanded to 14 zones

  • Multiple Naked remote controllers can be paired to a single system.

This is an inexpensive way to make your ducted air conditioning system a smart one plus the system can be added to or expanded to a full Smart iZone system with touchscreen, Wi-Fi, individual room temperature control, lighting control, garden irrigation, garage door and appliance control at any time.

Zone naked comes with a choice of  two different wireless remote controls, one is fully integrated with the ducted air conditioning system allowing you to control temperature and fan speed, the other is for Zone control only allowing you to open and close zones as well as adjusting airflow to each zone.


Winter Service Special

Cableair will service your Ducted Air Conditioner or two Split System Air Conditioners for $149 inc GST from May 2018 until July 2018.

Servicing your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner will keep it running efficiently reducing running costs but also reduces the wear on your unit.

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