Cableair and iZone- Smart Homes

So what are some of the reasons you should turn your home into a Smart Home?

  • Efficiency- Control many different parts of your home directly from the phone or tablet. When you have full control over the lighting, the air conditioning, reticulation, and more, it means you do not have to worry about leaving items on when you leave the house, you can also program your Smart appliances or lights to operate only when needed.

  • Convenience- Imagine turning on the air conditioner using your phone so when you arrive home from work its beautifully cooled. You can turn on the kettle from bed in the morning or turn your reticulation on or off from your phone or tablet, there are a myriad of ways to save you time and make your busy life that much easier.

  • Security- Smart lights are great way to increase your security at home. Control your lights when you are home or away with a touch of your phones screen. Open and close your garage door to allow deliveries to be safely left inside your property without having to answer the door or even be home.