Cableair's Giveaway

Your choice of $600 worth of selected iZone Home Automation products with the purchase of any fully ducted air-conditioning system inclusive of the iZone Nexus 435 or iZone Nano 425 Controller from Cableair.

Conditions apply, please call Cableair for more information 08 6142 2056




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Cableair now has iZone Smart Garage Door

iZone Garage Door control has arrived!

You can improve your security by controlling and monitoring your garage door from anywhere!  Need to let someone in when you are at work? It's easy with iZone

iZone is compatible with most garage doors that allow a voltage free wired connection. Call Cableair to find out what garage doors are compatible.



iZone Naked has arrived at Cableair!

iZone Naked allows systems to be operated without a screen on the wall. What does this mean for you-

  • Lower cost due to no touchscreen or cable down the wall

  • Cheaper installation costs

  • Includes 5% airflow adjustment on all zones

  • Comes standard with 8 zones which can be expanded to 14 zones

  • Multiple Naked remote controllers can be paired to a single system.

This is an inexpensive way to make your ducted air conditioning system a smart one plus the system can be added to or expanded to a full Smart iZone system with touchscreen, Wi-Fi, individual room temperature control, lighting control, garden irrigation, garage door and appliance control at any time.

Zone naked comes with a choice of  two different wireless remote controls, one is fully integrated with the ducted air conditioning system allowing you to control temperature and fan speed, the other is for Zone control only allowing you to open and close zones as well as adjusting airflow to each zone.


iZone Smart Plugs are now here!

We have another great new addition to add to our 'Smart' iZone range. Plug in any ordinary device to your iZone Smart Plug and control it from your smart phone, tablet or iZone touch screen. Transform any appliance into a smart appliance.

Just imagine you can control lamps, fans, heaters, turn off and on your iron, even turn on the kettle by plugging it into an iZone smart plug. Not only will this make your home more energy efficient but think of the safety and security benefits of controlling these devices from your smart phone when you are away from your home.

Call Cableair 6142 2056 to find out how you can add in the iZone Smart Plug to your iZone Smart Network.



With the purchase of any fully ducted air-conditioning system inclusive of the iZone 425 Controller from Cableair you will receive a free controller upgrade to the iZone 435 Nexus Touch screen.

Plus we are offering you $600 worth of selected products from the Airstream Living Technology range when you purchase a fully ducted air conditioning system from Cableair. Choose from the iLight Globes, iLight Downlights, Wireless Temperature Sensors or the Wireless Light Switches all able to be fully integrated with your iZone Nexus Touch screen!  

Offer available until 31st March 2018.

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iZone Nexus Touch screen

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iZone Garden Reticulation Has Arrived at Cableair!


The Smart Home just got smarter with the arrival of iZone garden reticulation systems. With the same great features and reliability of iZone air conditioning controls, iZone Retic is the next progression in simple cost effective home automation.

Watering the garden has never been more convenient. The retic controller can be fully integrated and controlled from your iZone touchscreen, your smart phone or tablet. Unlike conventional retic controllers, iZone takes the frustration out of setting up and or re-programming your retic system.

garden retic

iZone garden reticulation systems have an abundance of smart features! Below are just a few of these amazing features:

  • Standard 8 station system expandable to 24 stations.
  • Automatic alerts if faults are detected on any solenoid valve or field wiring.
  • Built in Soak and Cycle feature to automatically break a watering cycle into smaller periods, with a predetermined soak time between each watering cycle. This feature will ensure maximum efficiency and minimise run off.
  • Can be used as a standalone reticulation controller or can be fully integrated into your iZone system.
  • Includes an IFTTT weather forecast to automatically delay watering if rain is forecast, saving you money and our precious water resources.
  • Globally increase or decrease system watering times at the push of a single button.
  • System “Test” button to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Works with Google Home, Apple, Android and IFTTT.
  • Will operate even if the internet or WiFi are lost to the home.
  • Maximum flexibility with 9 programs and 9 schedules.  iZone even calculates and advises you the estimated finish time for each schedule.
  • Screen messages tell you which programs are running.