"A new generation of ultra-efficient, programmable wireless home lighting that you can control from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet"

iLight is the latest lighting technology from Airstream. At your finger tips is the ability to control the brightness, colour and mode of these efficient LED bulbs.

Colour your world in sync with your favourite play list, create the glow of your favorite sports team on grand final day or set the lights timer to be a welcome glow when you get home from work- with iLight the possibilities of fun are endless!

The Brighter side of technology and innovation

iLight allows you to enjoyand easily control high tech, LED lighting with 16 million colours to light up your life!

Use your iOS, Windows or Android smartphone or tablet to control the radio-controlled light bulbs which are programmed to a smart system.

iLight bayonet and screw bulbs are easy to install without the need for wiring or an electrician, you can simply install them to your lamps, ceiling or wall fittings.

Lasting up too 20 years or up to 40,000 hours these lights do not only reduce environmental and energy waste but are also 75-80% more efficient that standard light bulbs, potentially cutting down your energy bill and come with a 2 year warranty!

colour and control your lifestyle

Through wireless controls you can manage your lighting at anytime from anywhere and create bursts of brightmemorable colour.

  • Use iLight to create a gentle morning light, intensifying as you wake up like sunlight.
  • Pre-set your iLights to come on when you return from a day at work, be welcomed by a homely glow instead of a dark house.
  • Turn lights off automatically or dim them when you leave a room or create a light schedule for every day use.
  • Use Musicsync to colour your home dance floor to the beats and rhythms of your favourite songs and playlists!

More than just light

iLight is more than just a lightbulb. With its smart wireless technology iLight won't not only brighten up your room with a rainbow of colour but can help regulate your body clock and even act as security feature:

  • Activate iLight's Circadian Mode to help regulate your body clock
  • Set iLight's alarms, timers and alerts to tailor your daily life and never miss an appointment again!
  • Use iLight to turn on your lights when your not home and increase your homes security
  • Choose from the 16 million colours to light up your home, create ambience and enhance any occasion. All at the end of your fingertips!

"Integrate ilight with iZone and complete
your living technology solution. iZone’s
intuitive touch screen delivers complete,
home-wide control and savings"

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