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At Cableair we are proud to introduce iZone Smart Products bringing you the ultimate in smart technology for your home or business.

iZone smart home products don’t just look smart they are smart! Delivering unrivalled efficiency throughout your home or business, Cableair will show you how to save you money with iZone and keep you comfortable all year round. iZone is very easy to use and will make any new or established home a smart one.  

With Cableair you can build your iZone smart system as quickly or as slowly as you want, get all the smart features at once or build your system slowly adding to it as you need. With one touch of your Apple or Android device you’ll be turning on the air conditioning, dimming your lights, controlling your reticulation or even open your garage from anywhere in the world. With iZone’s stylish, easy to use smart touch screen controllers you have full control of your iZone products.

iZone Smart Products

  • iZone Air Conditioning- iZone’s climate control system offers complete control over your ducted air conditioning system for maximum comfort and efficiency. Turn on the air conditioner, control the temperature or adjust airflow in individual rooms for the zones from your iZone Controller or smart device. 

  • iZone Lighting- iZone’s wireless lighting system is ultra-efficient and can be controlled from anywhere, any time using your smartphone, tablet or iZone controller. Create the perfect ambiance for any situation with millions colours, save on energy use and set the timer to turn on your lights for added security.

  • iZone Reticulation- iZone’s reticulation system enables you to change watering cycles, manage your holiday watering, adjust watering based on local weather conditions all from your smart device or iZone controller saving you time, money and water.

  • iZone Power- iZone’s smart plugs let you control and manage your home appliances from anywhere, any time to give you even greater control and cost-savings. Control your garden lighting, turn on the kettle even check the iron is off using the iZone Smart Plug.

  • iZone Garage Door - With iZone Smart Garage Door using your smartphone or tablet, you know if you have left the garage door up when you’re not at home are able to open garage door to receive deliveries or allow in tradespeople in when you are not available.

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  • Expert advice and friendly service.

  • We only use the best products.

  • We have 18 years industry experience worldwide.

  • All systems are individually designed.

  • All rubbish is removed from site.

  • Backup from a dedicated service department.

  • We are a Panasonic Dealer and Member of the Panasonic Specialist Air Network.

  • We are a Samsung Air conditioning Specialist Dealer.

  • Premium iZone multi award winning Dealer.

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