New home air conditioning design and installation in the Perth metro areas.

Ducted Air Conditioning provides cooled or warmed air throughout your entire home by the use of flexible ducts and vents that are attached to the indoor unit located in your roof space offering you complete climate control of your new home.

System design is a critical part of building a new home and if not done correctly can cause inefficiency as well as ineffectiveness.  Cableair will design a system that will suit your needs offering you an efficient & effective system for a very competitive price. 

Cableair's dedicated team have the design knowledge and construction supervision expertise to make sure your new homes installation will go ahead without a hitch. Whether it is an apartment or a large multi-storeyed home Cableair will provide the perfect system for you.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Cableair backs up its highly skilled and knowledgeable team using quality brands and the latest in materials & design technology. 

Cableair provides free no obligation ducted air conditioning consultations. During an initial visit, we’ll discuss system options, comfort objectives, and capital improvement costs.

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