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As Perth’s solar power specialists with over 10 years of experience, Cableair’s expertise can install a custom designed solar system to suit your unique needs.

As the solar movement gains momentum, it’s important you choose the right company to install the latest solar technology to the roof of your home. With a variety of options available tailored to your solar power requirements, Cableair can build an efficient and reliable system that will not only meet your energy needs but can create a long term profit!

Our qualified service men can install and design solar panels and inverters to both existing homes and homes under construction in Perth and its surrounding areas, with the friendliness and professionalism our company is known for. Using leading brands of solar inverters and panels, our solar systems are long lasting, economic and efficient. 

Not limited to residential clients, Cableair also provides installations and unique designs to commercial clients as well. Once successfully installed, Cableair’s dedicated service team is there for after-install support, responding to any breakdown or fault repairs.


With the governments solar rebate incentive, now is the time to get a quote with Cableair to see how much you can save off your energy bill

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REC Solar Professional

REC panels

Setting the industry benchmark for quality, supported by stringent internal testing, third-party certifications and endorsements, and an industry-leading low claims rate.

Cableair REC Solar Professional. We can offer an additional two years product warranty for rooftop installations up to 500 kW


Canadian Solar logo.png

Canadian Solar Panels

This mammoth solar panel company are making a difference to enable clean, competitive and mainstream power. Employing over 9700 workers worldwide and factories in Canada, China and Vietnam they really are a leading global solar company.

Fronius Inverter

Fronius Inverters

Efficient, reliable, high power inverters form the heart of any PV system. In the development of PV inverters, Fronius has thought out new technologies, searched for innovative solutions, and has found completely new answers. The result: Highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules.


SMA Inverters

For over 30 years, SMA has been a leading system technology specialist, designing and producing high-quality PV inverters with innovative technology to provide efficient energy management. With intelligent technology, SMA photovoltaic (PV) systems make home and commercial energy consumption affordable and reliable. Offering a wide variety of inverters to suit all module types, house systems, commercial systems and for grid connection and stand lone grids SMA is an excellence solar technology provider.